Welcome to our website!

We are all connected!

Everybody and everything is connected with each other on this earth! We inspire you to step into the web of life that connects us all.

Whatever you do, think, and are has an impact on all life on this planet. Everything matters and everybody counts. The more connected we all are, the more beautiful world we create where all life forms have a place and everybody thrives and flourishes naturally. We all matter and we all belong! NO exceptions!
We are the embodiment of our vision of coexistence. And we are inviting you to join us! It is possible for us humans to give back with how we live our daily lives in a connected, authentic, caring and vulnerable way. When we move through life with purpose and vision, standing up for what really matters to us and being a voice for the voiceless we show up with integrity and things change.
It is time to write new stories and hold and live new visions of a healthy coexistence of all life forms on this earth. So the new generations to come can enjoy life on this earth and add beauty to the beauty that already exists.

That means:

Human interactions with our last wildlife and our wild lands become inclusive, intentional, harmless and reciprocal. The same goes for our domesticated animals and cultural landscapes. We work with them and for them and their and our thriving. 


Our philosophy

We come from love and appreciation for all the different life forms on this planet in the spirit of appreciation and interconnectedness. Our philosophy is to practice harmlessness and our photography/videography is based on obtaining consent from the animals, plants and places before entering their territory. To give you an example:
The photograph of the bison bull on top of the page was taken in Yellowstone National Park. The bull came out of nowhere and expressed his willingness and readiness to be an ambassador for his Bison Nation. He wanted to show the beauty of the bison and disseminate information about them to help humans lose their fears of them. The photographer took a few pictures and did not approach the animal at all, but respected his space. The encounter happened on the animal’s terms and conditions and he left by his own volition without being pursued. 

You are a part of the web of life.

Most importantly, we offer you connection with us and our work. YOU, too, belong in the web of life!