Who we are.

We are a volunteer organization with people from all over the world. It is our love for the Whole, for All Life Forms on this planet, that propels us forward to live in a sacred manner that honors this One Life. We can only do this together, in a connected, inclusive way.

In a practical sense, we at the Web of Life Foundation are utilizing educational outreach that includes videos and photography that is illustrating our interconnectedness. We visit schools and the larger community, including ranching, farming, recreational and hunting communities to talk about coexistence between wilderness and civilization and how we can all thrive in the web of life. Our educational videos underscore the significance of this approach to life and show working examples of thriving communities.
We also conduct workshops on reconnecting with wild animals and lands and our own wild nature inside of ourselves: "Comfort in wilderness" offers a way to connect to wild animals and wild lands with the heart in a harmless, undefended, fearless and loving way.



How it shows.


After nearly completing the life span of our car which had been put in faithful service for educational outreach and film work we decided it was time for a vehicle that was aligned with our philosophy of walking lightly on the earth. We wanted to walk our talk and not consume too much gasoline when going to remote areas to do educational outreach work where wolves and humans are in need of peaceful coexistence. One night, an ad for non profits popped up with a call for participation: Toyota’s 100 cars for good program was looking for 5000 non profits to apply. They would pick 500 out of the applicants and then the public would get to vote for 5 different orgs in the span of 100 days. The organization with the most votes would win a car of their choice from an array of different cars. We put in our application for a hybrid car and forgot about it. A month later we received notice that we were among the 500 finalists. The rest is history as all the people we had touched with our work were voting for us that day in support of us.  We felt a little ambivalent that day, as the other four orgs were also doing great work and we wished them well. Again, we let go of needing to win and learned that we had, indeed, won a car. Thank you, Toyota for your support of beautiful non profit work all across the US!!!